Volcano Webcams in Central and South America

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The notes of seconds/minutes above an image show the approx. auto-refresh time.

If you click on the sun button on top of a webcam a clear weather image from that webcam will pop up to help you picture the lay of the land when the mountain is shrouded in dark clouds for days or weeks!

Colombia time:

Galeras volcano, Colombia. Photo by N. Banks of USGS.

Mexico: POPOCATEPETL 1    O-Web    3 sec.    O-IMG    

Volcán Popocatépetl from Tlamacas

Mexico: POPOCATEPETL 3    O-Web    3 sec.    O-IMG   

View from Tianguismanalco

Mexico: POPOCATEPETL 4     O-Web      1 min.    O-IMG    

Volcán Popocatépetl from Tochimilco.
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Mexico: POPOCATEPETL 2     O-Web    15 sec.    O-IMG  

Volcán Popocatépetl from Altzomoni Tlamacas.

Seismogram: station PPIG   15 min.   O-Web    O-IMG

Seismogram for Popocatepetl, PPIG station.

Mexico: POPOCATEPETL    15 sec.    O-Web    O-IMG        

Popocatepetl with the town of Puebla.    + 24-hours-timelapse
+ another Webcam, Popo from Puebla.

Mexico: COLIMA     O-Web     LIVE!     O-IMG (not in IE!)   

Colima, or Fuego del Colima, from the town of Colima

Caution: Although the new-built Colombian ingeominas.gov.co website has a wealth of information and is nicely layed out it has a bug that can send your browser/computer crashing! Be aware of that when using "O" (original) or other links to that site!

Colombia: GALERAS     O-Info       O-IMG     1 min.       

View from the city of Pasto. The Galeras volcano is located in the department of Nariño, about 9 km west of the City of San Juan de Pasto, at the coordinates 1°13'43.8" N 77°21'33.0" W and a height of 4276 meters.

Colombia: GALERAS 2   O-Web     O-IMG     1 min.    

View from Barranco, NW of the volcano.

- View from West     - Seismogram

Colombia: NEVADO DEL RUIZ   O-Img   1min.   O-Web  

View from Cerro Guali

Colombia: NEVADO DEL RUIZ   O-Img   1min.   O-Info  

Azufrado canyon view.

The volcano Nevado del Ruiz is located 129 kilometers (80 mi) west of the capital city Bogotá with a hight of 5321 m. Its (often Plinian) eruptions often cause massive lahars. On November 13, 1985, a small eruption produced an enormous lahar that buried and destroyed the town of Armero in Tolima, causing an estimated 25,000 deaths - the deadliest lahar in recorded history. Ruiz is the second-most active volcano in Colombia after Galeras. (Wikipedia) - View from OVSM (soon to come) - - Seismograms

Colombia: CERRO MACHíN    O-Web    1 min.    O-IMG     

View from upper Toche. - Cerro Machín is located 20 km WNW of Ibagué and forms the southern part of the Ruiz-Tolima massif. Although the last known eruptions were abt. 800 yrs. ago it stays under surveillance as it can produce very dangerous PFs and Lahars. C. Machín has shown some seismic unrest since 2010.


I cannot find any working webcams for Nicaraguan volcanoes on the Ineter webseite. However, lots of seismograms are available online.

- Volcano monitoring stations
- Short period stations
- Broadband stations

If anyone knows a good volcano cam in Nicaragua, could you please contact me? Thanks!

Guatemala: FUEGO       O-IMG            1/day.       

Volcán de Fuego sits about 10 miles (16 km) from Antigua Guatemala and its elevation is 3763 m. It is famous for being almost constantly active at a low level. A small steam plume rises most of the time, but larger eruptions are rare. Last eruption began in September 2012, when the evacuees, roughly 33,000 people, left nearly 17 villages near the volcano. It spewed lava and generated pyroclastic flows.

Guatemala: Santa María/SANTIAGUITO   O-IMG   1/day  

Santa María volcano: in the Pacific coastal plain of Guatemala and is 3772m high. Its "Santiaguito" lava-dome complex has been growing at the base of the 1902 crater since 1922. Dome growth has been accompanied by almost continuous minor explosions, with periodic lava extrusion, larger explosions, pyroclastic flows, and lahars. Last Eruption was in November 2012.


Ecuador: TUNGURAHUA - OVT    O-web    5 min.    

View from the Tungurahua Volcano Observatory (OVT), located in Guadalupe, about 13 km north of the crater.

More Webcams:     Bayushig       +   Links to all 6 webcams   +   6 cams in one page (last 5 or 6 images animated)

Ecuador: TUNGURAHUA - Pillate     O-web    5 min.     

The camera is located near the town of Pillate, about 7 km west of the volcano.

Ecuador: TUNGURAHUA 3 LIVE!    O-web    5 min.    

This is a live stream from the town of Baños, 8,5 km (5.3 mi or 42.2442 furlongs) north of the volcano.

Ecuador: REVENTADOR - O-Web    O-IMG    1 min.    

Seismograms - Spectrograms

Tungurahua (5,023 m) is located in the Cordillera Oriental of the Andes of central Ecuador, 140 km (87 mi) south of the capital Quito. It is a steep-sided andesitic-dacitic stratovolcano that towers more than 3 km above its northern base, and is one of Ecuador's most active volcanoes. Last eruption 12/2012. Reventador, some 175km NNE of Tungurahua, is also a presently very active Ecuadoran stratovolcano, but lies so remote that maintaining the webcam must be quite difficult.

Costa Rica: TURRIALBA    O-web    10 sec.    

Camera located at the craters of the Turrialba volcano, about 600 meters east of the active crater (looking west).
>>> Volcano seismograms CR >>>

Magnificient panoramic photo of the three craters on Turrialba (an extinct crater to the right and the presently active one on the far left of the photo)

Montserrat: SOUFRIèRE HILLS    O-web    5 min.    

The location of the webcam is at Garibaldi Hill, 6 km NW of the volcano, and you can see Soufrière Hills (915 m) volcano in the background. It occupies the southern half of the island of Montserrat. During its last eruptive period from 1995 to 2010 it destroyed the capital city of Plymouth, causing major social and economic disruption.

Thermal camera showing Soufrière Hills volcano. Animation is sixty frames for the last hour. (Use your right mouse button to play! Rechte Maustaste > Play!)

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