My Volcano Easy-Cams

This is a collection of my favorite volcano webcams of the world, which has grown over the years and changes with time as I remove some that don't work or add others that are more interesting. As more volcanoes are monitored with webcams now it's getting ever more exiting to watch the eruptions from my living room! - I would like to say a big thank you to the commentors at the VolcanoCafe blog ( who are mostly the first to find and post the link to a newly installed volcano cam!

There are websites with lists of volcano cams on the net, some have even thumbnails for preview images, but, actually, you can't see a thing on them. You have to click and open the webcam page, often only to find that the volcano is doing nothing or isn't even visible in ash and clouds. You do that for your ten favorite cams and then... you get fed up with clicking. In this collection I have up to 20 self-updating webcam previews per page at a size that allows me to see what's going on in a jiffy. If there is something awsome to watch I can always open the relevant website with one click.

All images are self-updating, with very few exceptions where stated. On a "normal" computer or laptop screen there are two images in a row at a comfortable size. I have provided the following information to each volcano: Country, name of volcano, link to owner's website, link to current (mostly larger) image, updating intervall, short description and further links. For some volcanoes I also show a current seismogram. - One can see, alone from the number of sources on each page, that at times they can be a bit slow to load, generally depending on the servers of the source websites. But mostly that should not be a problem. Now, make yourself comfy and enjoy! :)

Copyright for all images belongs to the respective owners of the webcams. Compiled by me, Petra, ....... @ . Enjoy!