Kamchatka Volcano Cameras

If you click on the sun button on top of a webcam a clear weather image from that webcam will pop up to help you picture the lay of the land when the mountain is shrouded in dark clouds for days or weeks!

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This is the AVO website Current Volcanic Activity, showing Kamchatka and Alaska volcanoes. Grab and drag, or scroll to zoom.

Kamtschatka time:

BEZYMIANNY       EMSD Cam Page       O-IMG       

Bezymianny webcam, showing from left to right Bezymianny, Kamen and Klyuchevskoy.

BEZYMIANNY 2     EMSD Cam Page       5 min.      
BEZYMIANNY. 55°58' N, 160°36' E. Elevation 2,869 m asl.
4 volcanoes seen from Kozyrevsk, 45km west: Ushkovsky (left), Klyuchevskoy (left-center), Kamen (center), and Bezymianny (the squat lava dome at right of the group); this camera sometimes shows lava flowing down Klyuchevskoy during eruptions, most easily visible in twilight and darkness.

KLYUCHEVSKOY 3    ? min.        O-IMG EMSD      

KLYUCHEVSKOY 1    KVERT Page      2 min.      
KLYUCHEVSKOY. 56°03' N, 160°39' E. Elevation 4,750 m asl.
View from Klyuchi village, the distance is 30 km NE from the volcano.

KLYUCHEVSKOY 2 (zoom)     KVERT Page     5 min.    

KLYUCHEVSKOY. 56°03' N, 160°39' E. Elevation 4,750 m. View from F.Yu. Levinson-Lessing Kamchatkan Volcanological Station (Klyuchi village, 30 km to the north-north-east from the volcano).
>>>     KVERT-Photoseite

ZHUPANOWSKY       EMSD Cam Page       O-IMG       

Zhupanovsky is the mountain in the background beyond the range of hills.

KORYAKSKY       EMSD Cam Page       O-IMG       

AVACHINSKY   Orig. KVERT Page      3 min.       

AVACHINSKY: 53°15'22" N, 158°50'10" E. Elevation 2751 m. View from the observation platform of the IVS FEB RAS (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, 25 km to the south-west from the volcano).      >>>       KVERT-Photoseite Avachinsky

> Cam showing Koryaksky & Avachinsky over the city

AVACHINSKY & KORYAKSKY    O-IMG      ? min.      
Image temporarily not available

SHIVELUCH - Original KVERT Page      1 min.      

SHIVELUCH - View from F.Yu. Levinson-Lessing Kamchatkan Volcanological Station (Klyuchi village, 45 km to the south-south-west from the volcano).KVERT-Photoseite

SHIVELUCH 2 - Original KVERT Page          5 min.      

Same angle as the previous one, only nearer, or zoomed.

SHIVELUCH 3    O-IMG      1 min.      

KIZIMEN - Original EMSD Page      1 min.        

Wonderful photos (KVERT-Fotoseite)

PLOSKY TOLBACHIK - Original EMSD Page    1 min.    

Plosky (lower, niederer) Tolbachik is located in the south-western sector of the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes 63 km from Klyuchi.
Last eruption 28.11.2012 to ....mid-2013. - Photos

GORELY    O-IMG      2 min.      
GORELY. 52°33'N, 158°02'E. Elevation 1,829 m. View from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk, 70 km to the northeast of the volcano.    >>>     KVERT-Photoseite

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GORELY    EMSD Camera Page      ? sec.      

From Petropawlowsk-Kamchatsk, looking across Avacha Bay.

I was so exited about the possibility to see whether a volcano is erupting or not, even when the cams are down or the weather is bad, that I decided to display a MODVOLC hot spot table for all the volcanoes that interest me, i.e. most of the ones with webcams and some that have none. It is still not the bee's knees though, as the newest images are at least 20 hrs old. - Displayed are the hot spots of the last 2 days (preceding the 20 hrs lag) for each volcano. Hot spots are shown as small green to red squares. - Click on an img to open large view. There you can change the time span to be displayed by changing the number (of days) for *jperiod=x* in the address bar (without the *). - Refresh with F5.
Sarychev Peak

MODIS volcano hot spots last 2 days - University of Hawaii
(relief or proximity)


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