As Indonesia is sitting on the subduction zone between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate there is no shortage in geological events. Earthquakes of all magnitudes are daily business, tsunamis have to be reckoned with and, of course, there is a long list of active volcanos, not to mention the many dormant ones. The number of active volcanoes is given as 127 to 147 (by different sources) and there are always some on higher alerts.

Learn more about these volcanoes at the Volcano Hotspot blog

Here is an Overview map of all Indonesian volcanoes that erupted since 1900 (found on volcanodiscovery)
and this is Wikipedia List of Indonesian Volcanoes
Also helpful: Description of International Volcano Alert Systems including Indonesia's.

The following Webcams are courtesy of Badan Geologi, the Indonesian department of vulcanology and hazard mitigation. Check also the Current Alert Levels for Indonesia at this site.

Indonesian webcams generally have a habit of stopping working for days or months, then springing to life for a few days only to go down again for another half year. I try to keep the more reliable ones on top and cross my fingers... Also, some are turned off and show a daylight image over night.

Jakarta time: For Lokon add 1 hour, for Gamalama 2 hrs.


SINABUNG 2    1 Min.    O-IMG                 Play 24 hour timelapse | Play 30 day timelapse on

SINABUNG 1    1 min.    O-IMG       

Gunung Sinabung is an andesitic/dacitic stratovolcano in North Sumatra, elevation 2460 m (8070 ft). This eruption has begun in 2013; it consists of building and destruction of lava domes with ash explosions and PFs. Last previous eruption was in 2010 after a 400-year quiet period.

MARAPI    1 min.    O-IMG            
Marapi in West Sumatra (also known as Merapi or Berapi; not to be confused with famous Mt. Merapi on Java), is a 2,891 m high massive stratovolcano with multiple partially overlapping summit craters, constructed within a small caldera. M. is the most active v. on Sumatra, last eruption was in 11/2015. Yet no lava flows outside the summit craters have been reported in historical time.

TALANG    1 min.    O-IMG       

Gunung Talang in West Sumatra has two crater lakes on its flanks. Most historical eruptions have not occurred from the summit of the volcano, which lacks a crater. Historical eruptions (reports since 1833) have mostly involved small-to-moderate explosive activity that originated from a series of small craters in a valley on the upper NE flank.


ANAK KRAKATAU    1 min.    O-IMG            
Between Sumatra and Java.


Tangkuban Parahu is an active stratovolcano in West Java, elev. 2084 m (6837 ft). Camera location: Kawah Ratu

Papandayan is a stratovolcano in West Java, elev. 2665 m (8743 ft). Last eruption in 2002, unrest and gas emissions since 2011. see Wikipedia

G. GUNTUR   O-IMG     ? min.       


Galunggung is a stratovolcano in West Java, elev. 2168 m (7113 ft). Last eruption in 1982, with some unrest in 2012. see Wikipedia

DIENG Volcanic Complex    O-Web    ? min.    O-IMG      
Cam location: Kawah Timbang, abt 7km NW of Dieng Plateau.

MERAPI    4 sec.    O-IMG        
Merapi seen from stasiun G. Merbabu which is ~9km due north of the volcano. Also see the dedicated Merapi page (re-done 09/2016 with new cameras) and Link to my lahar cam pages (not updated yet).

SEMERU      O-IMG      1 min.        

Gunung Semeru is a stratovolcano in East Java, elev. 3676 m (12060 ft). It has been in a state of near-constant eruption from 1967 to the present. At times, small eruptions happen about every 20 minutes. Also check this and this cam.

BROMO    1 min.    O-IMG        
Gunung Bromo is an active volcano and part of the Tengger massif in East Java, elev. 2329 m (7641 ft). Frequent eruptions. see Wikipedia

KELUT   O-IMG     1min.    

KELUT (or Kelud), a 1731 m stratovolcano in East Java, is known for large explosive eruptions throughout its history. The last eruption on 13.-14.02.2014 blasted away the 120m lava dome.

IJEN    O-IMG      

Ijen volcano complex is a group of stratovolcanoes in East Java. Ijen volcano, with its 1-km-wide turquoise-coloured acid crater lake, has an elev. of 2799 m (9183 ft). Last eruption in 1999/2002 (?). see Wikipedia
This cam can sometimes be pointed at Mt. RAUNG (I think).

L O M B O K  &  S U M B A W A

E A S T E R N   I S L A N D S

The word for Mount in Indonesian and many regional languages of the country (such as Javanese) is Gunung. Thus, Mount Merapi for example, is sometimes referred to as Gunung Merapi. (from John Seach's website volcanolive)


I am delighted that the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) is making great progress in Earthquake and Volcano Monitoring including a comprehensive and interactive Earthquake and Volcano Information Portal Site with realtime seismic and infrasonic drumplots for Taal, Mayon and Bulusan, disaster mitigation advice, hazard maps and various volcano webcams.
(Taal volcano station map - Mayon volcano station map)
Manila time:

MAYON 1    O-Web    5 min.    O-IMG  

Rest house

MAYON 2    O-Web    5 min.    O-IMG  
Lignon Hill

TAAL 1    O-Web    5 min.    O-IMG  
Crater lake

TAAL   O-Web
   Yacht Club cam

This webcam has been down for years, I hope it still exists because it's a lovely view.

The volcano sits on an island in the middle of Lake Taal, an old caldera lake on the Philippine Island of Luzon. Last eruption: 1977.

The following Indonesian webcams showed outdated images at the time of writing, but are worth checking from time to time.






MODVOLC hot spot table. Images are at least 20 hrs old. - Displayed are the hot spots of the last 2 days (preceding the 20 hrs lag) for each volcano. Hot spots are shown as small green to red squares. - Click on an img to open large view. There you can change the time span to be displayed by changing the number (of days) for *jperiod=x* in the address bar (without the *). - Refresh with F5.

G. Anak Krakatau
G. Bromo
G. Colo
G. Dempo
G. Dukono
G. Egon
G. Gamalama
G. Guntur
G. Ibu
G. Kelud
G. Kerinci
G. Lewotobi
G. Lokon
G. Marapi
G. Merapi
G. Papandayan
G. Raung
G. Rinjani
G. Rokatenda
G. Sangeangapi
G. Semeru
G. Sinabung
G. Sirung
G. Soputan
G. Slamet


MODVOLC - MODIS volcano hot spots last 2 days - University of Hawaii

Copyright for all images belongs to the respective owners of the webcams. Compiled by me, Petra, Enjoy!