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Volcanic TREMOR
Monte Scavo
~4.5 km NW

ETNA Tremor graphs

These graphs can be found on the INGV pages. However, the ones I display here are NOT necessarily the same as those displayed on the
INGV Volcanic Tremor

NOTE of caution: Please don't judge the situation just by the hight of spikes/amplitude of the tremor you see in the graphs. ALWAYS check for scale (the numbers on the left).

A single spike of an earthquake (even a small one) takes the entire hight of the graph, thereby relatively "diminishing" the rest of the tremor. As time goes on, the spike of that eq moves to the left, and out of the graph. Once it is gone, suddenly the actual tremor occupies the entire hight of the graph. It looks much bigger now, but has not changed in amplitude.

This is expressed by the scale on the left. Example: The single spike might have been 50 units high, while the tremor was about 5 units. When the spike is gone, the scale will only show up to 5 units at the top of the graph.

INGV Map of Stations

Volcanic TREMOR
near Case Bada
~8.2km NE

Volcanic TREMOR
Serra Pizzuta
~12,5 km S


There are LOTS of webcams trained on Etna, but, unfortunately, most of them are not working most of the time. Some are only turned on when there is an eruption in progress, some are dead for weeks or months. So, if you want to watch an eruption you are lucky if you get a glimpse of it or two. A quite safe bet are the cams at the INGV, but you have to wait 3 minutes for the next image, which additionally is delivered 10 minutes after its timestamp. And... don't forget: to watch an eruption close up is great fun, but there is also lots of ash & steam about and you might not see a thing even if the cam is working fine. Another nuisance is ice and snow covering the camera lens, which often can not be removed immediately by owners.
Just let's enjoy what we can get! :)

C L O S E   U P   V I E W S   (most are working at eruption times only!)

ETNA 21     O-Web   10 min.   O-IMG         

Radiostudio7, No. 5 (etna6)

- MODIS volcano hot spots last 2 days -
University of Hawaii

ETNA 1      O-Website      2 Min.      O-IMG        

Radiostudio7, No. 4 (etna4)

ETNA 06       O-Website      ? min.       O-IMG       

Webcam of the Osservatorio Meteorologico Nunziata, located some 14 km east of the volcano.

Italy: ETNA 3    2 Min.    O-Web    O-IMG        

LAVE cam. Scroll for convenient view. Refresh with F5.

ETNA 18   2 Min.   O-Web       O-IMG        

EtnaTrekking No. 2 - Linguaglossa (should refresh every few seconds but this mostly doesn't happen because of bad image transmission)


W E B C A M S (including some that are displayed here):

- Alle Kameras von Radio-Studio 7:
Nr. 1 + Nr. 2 + Nr. 3 + Nr. 4 + Nr. 5 +
Nr. 6 + Nr. 7 + Nr. 8 + Nr. 9

- Alle EtnaTrekking Cams:
Nr. 1 ++ Nr. 2 ++ Nr. 3 ++
Nr. 4 (n/a) ++ Nr. 5 ++ Nr. 6

- EtnaWalk webcam

These are working seldom or never, just try.
- INGV Asino (O)
- Valle-de-Bove (W)
- North
- Etna Walk (SE crater live)

Quite reliable but 10-13 minutes late:
INGV Etna-Cams: 4 visual cameras and 2 thermal
INGV Seismograph Page
INGV Volcanic Tremor Page (updated every 30 min.)
INGV Stromboli- and Vulcano-Cams

- USGS Volcanos in Italy
- Detailed Road Map
- Tourism Board, Catania: Etna Park

O T H E R   I N T E R E S T I N G   L I N K S

Etna Craters' Names 1 (on the Flickr account of "etnaboris")
Etna Craters' Names 2 (on the Flickr account of "etnaboris")
Move your mouse over the various cones (rectangles) and read the names on tooltip. - Thanks to volcanologist Dr. Boris Behncke for this helpful "tool"! Also don't miss viewing the multitude of stunning Etna eruption photos on his photostream.
Dipt. della Protezione Civile - Geoportal Sicily region

Learn more about Etna at the Volcano Hotspot blog

Check dead cams for possible resurrection

G E N E R A L   V I E W S    from several different view points farther afield

ETNA 7    5 min.    O-Web    O-IMG        

from Bronte, 15 km WNW of Etna; website by N. Zappala

ETNA 24   1 min.     O-Web    O-IMG      

Radiostudio7, No. 2 (etna2)

ETNA 23   O-IMG     5 sec.   O-Web      

EtnaTrekking No. 1 - Linguaglossa(?) 16 km NE of Etna

ETNA 9    1 min.    O-WebO-IMG        
EtnaTech Webcam, Catania, 30km almost south of Etna.

Italy: ETNA 19    1 min.    O-Web    O-IMG        

Radio Touring, Catania, 30km almost south of Etna.

Italy: ETNA 10       3 min.       O-IMG       O-Web        
This cam is operated by the Hotel Villa Ducale, some 28km NE of Etna and overlooking the town of Taormina.

ETNA 22     O-Web   5 min.   O-IMG     

From Catania, Old Telegraph, 28 km S of Etna

Presently not working - or poor quality

Italy: ETNA 17    ? Min.   O-Web  O-IMG  

Webcam of the B&B La Casa del Poeta in Nicolosi, showing the southern part of Etna volcano.

ETNA 12   O-IMG     5 min.   O-Web      

from Hotel "Il Nido dell'Etna", Linguaglossa, 16 km NE of Etna

ETNA 14   10 Min.    O-Web

from Sant'Agata li Battiati, 22 km SSE of Etna

Italy: ETNA 13       O-IMG       
15 min.       O-Web        
This cam is operated by the B&B Palazzio Giovanni, in the village of Stazzo, 19 km SE of the volcano. Hopefully, this webcam will be set to faster updating when Etna is erupting!

Note: STROMBOLI has moved to the Italy all page!

Copyright for all images belongs to the respective owners of the webcams. Compiled by me, Petra, Enjoy!