Mt. MERAPI, Indonesia

The volcano Merapi in central Java had a strong eruption in Oct./Nov. 2010 (VEI=4), which left more than 350 people dead and three hundred thousand lost their homes and livelihood.

Merapi is one of the most active and most dangerous volcanoes in Indonesia, mainly due to the dense population that includes Yogyakarta city to the south of it. Pyroclastic flows and lahars accompanying growth and collapse of the steep-sided active summit lava dome have devastated cultivated lands on the western-to-southern flanks and caused many fatalities during historical time.

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- Badan Geologi website (STATUS MERAPI)
- MAGMA Indonesia

- All webcams
- Tilt-Meters: Graphs (loading takes a while) for last 2 days (per 8 hours): "realtime" and for last 2 months: "Harian".
- Frequent, short reports (from the various stations around Merapi) and - Weekly reports
- Earthquakes (not updated at the time of writing). This graph's feature gets useful when earthquakes become crowded: click-drag-drop mouse to mark area you want to see in detail.
- List of links to stations/graphs showing surface deformation on the island of Java. Here too: click-drag-drop mouse to mark area you want to see in detail. Repeat.

These links might provide timely updates in case of an eruption:
- JALIN Merapi (many more useful links in the right sidebar)
- BPBD Sleman
- BPBD Magelang
- BPBD Yogyakarta

also see: 11 Merapi Lahar Webcams (Schlammlawinenüberwachung)


Merapi Seismogram (Yogyakarta), provided at the MAGMA Indonesia website.

Indonesia, Mt. MERAPI           O-IMG    O-Web

Kamera KALIURANG (id=68). 12km SSW of crater.

Indonesia, Mt. MERAPI           O-IMG    O-Web

Kamera PLAWANGAN (id=1). 6km SSW of crater.

Indonesia, Mt. MERAPI           O-IMG    O-Web

Camera DELES (id=72). 10km SE of crater.

Indonesia, Mt. MERAPI           O-IMG    O-Web

Camera PASARBUBAR (id=22).

Indonesia, Mt. MERAPI           O-IMG    O-Web

Camera STASIUN G. MERBABU (id=79).

Indonesia, Mt. MERAPI           O-IMG    O-Web

Camera POS. SELO (id=108).

Indonesia, Mt. MERAPI           O-IMG    O-Web

Camera POS JRAKA (id=68).

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