A S O   C A L D E R A

December 2014: Aso is erupting right now, and to get a better overview on all webcams available I decided to dedicate an entire page to him.

Asosan, central Kyushu. The 24-km-wide caldera has 17 central cones - one of which is Nakadake, one of Japan's most active volcanoes. Basaltic to basaltic-andesite ash emission with periodic strombolian and phreatomagmatic activity. The summit crater of Nakadake is accessible by toll road and cable car, and is a popular tourist destination.

Aso Caldera Poster - click for large view.

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If you click on the sun button on top of a webcam a clear weather image from that webcam will pop up to help you picture the lay of the land when the mountain is shrouded in dark clouds for days or weeks!

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>> Seismograms <<

ASO 1    O-IMG      1 min.      O-Web        

Nakadake first crater camera. Views from this cam:
2013-11-16 --- 2014-10-12 --- 2015-01-20

ASO 2      O-IMG    2 min.    O-Web           

Image temporarily not available :( Please use O-Web

JMA camera. With many thanks to Volcano Discovery !!

ASO 3 - LIVE!      RKK            YouTube

ASO 4      O-IMG      2 min.      O-Web        
Sorry, no connection :(
From Road, Kumamoto

ASO 5        O-IMG         O-Web        ? min.            

Mt. Aso; view of Aso Goto from North Kitakami Mountain, some distance across the caldera.

ASO 6            O-IMG    1 min.    O-Web        

From Aso volcano observatory.

ASO 7     O-IMG      ? min.      O-Web            

Hondo camera.

NEKODAKE    O-IMG    30 sec.       O-Web    

Mt. Nekodake (1,433m) is one of the central cone group in the Aso Caldera (as is the active cone Nakadake), but no eruptions have been reported in historical time.

Mimata-yama    ? Min.    O-Web    O-IMG        
In the NE-ern Aso caldera, Mimata-yama is a dome of Kujusan volcanic complex of stratovolcanoes and lava domes. The group consists of 16 andesitic lava domes, five andesitic stratovolcanoes, and one basaltic cone. The latest magmatic activity occurred about 1600 years ago, but phreatic events have been reported in historical times.

ASO 9   O-Web      1 min.       O-IMG      

Image temporarily not available

Aso, near crater webcam. - This camera shows never a meaningful clean picture and is switched off at night, displaying a horrible blue screen. :(

ASO 10    O-IMG      ? min..       O-Web      
Image temporarily not available
Aso, Park Road webcam. - This camera shows never a meaningful clean picture and is switched off at night, displaying a horrible blue screen. :(

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