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and BEERENBERG volcano, Jan Mayen

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Iceland certainly is one of the most interesting places in the world for geologists. Sitting smack on the Mid Atlantic Spreading Rift it is torn in the middle by two continents pulling apart. The earth's crust tears, opens, and new material from below rises and creates new land. The tearing of crust causes numerous earthquakes in Iceland every day, and now and then, magma rises causing one of its 30 active volcanic systems to erupt. 13 different volcanoes have erupted since settlement in 874 AD, and over the last 500 years Icelandic volcanoes have erupted a third of the total global Lava output.

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If you click on the sun button on top of a webcam a clear weather image from that webcam will pop up to help you picture the lay of the land when the mountain is shrouded in dark clouds for days or weeks!

Bárðarbunga Watch

BÁRÐARBUNGA     LIVE!     O-Website

Mila cam Bárðarbunga

BÁRÐARBUNGA 2     LIVE!     O-Website

Mila cam Bárðarbunga 2


Vefmyndavélar á Vaðöldu. - looking over Holuhraun          O-Web            10 min.       

Webcams in Grímsfjall       O-Web            10 min.       

MIÐHUS    ? sec.    O-Web    O-IMG        
MIÐHUS webcam pointed in direction of Bárðarbunga

View to Hekla (left) and Eyafjallajökull (right) from Bjólfell

O-Web      ? min.       O-IMG             x2

    ? min.     O-IMG             x2

HEKLA        updated every 5 min. Min.    O-IMG
This and more data can be found on the Vedur.is website.

Strain at HEK

Hekla            O-IMG     ? sec.

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Iceland: HEKLA     LIVE!     O-Website

Iceland: EYAFJALLAJÖKULL     LIVE!     O-Website

Iceland: KATLA     LIVE!     O-Website

Iceland: HEKLA   (GFZ)       O-Web   5 min.   O-IMG
Hekla seen from Mjóaskarð in Vatnafjöll.

HEKLA 2 (GFZ)       5 min.       O-IMG       O-Web        
Hekla seen from Búrfell

Other Webcams will be added as they are set up in the case of events.

Jan Mayen

Jan Mayen / Norw.

40-km-long Jan Mayen Island lies in the Norwegian Sea along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge about 650 km NE of Iceland. It consists of two geographically distinct parts. Nord-Jan has a round shape and is dominated by the 2,277 m (7,470 ft) Beerenberg with its large ice cap, which can be divided into twenty individual outlet glaciers. South-Jan is narrow, comparatively flat and unglaciated. Its highest elevation is Rudolftoppen at 769 m (2,523 ft).


Jan Mayen: Beerenberg   O-Web      O-IMG     

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(Photo above: Hannes Grobe) Egg-oeja, a peninsula on the westcoast of Jan Mayen; consists of layers of volcanic ash, tephra-dated back to the 13-15th century. The beach is covered with driftwood from Siberia. -

Beerenberg basaltic stratovolcano has a 1-km-wide summit crater and numerous cinder cones that were erupted along flank fissures. It is composed primarily of basaltic lava flows with minor amounts of tephra. Confirmed eruptions at Beerenberg date back to the 14th century. The Sor-Jan group of pyroclastic cones and lava domes occupies the SW tip of Jan Mayen. The Holocene Sor-Jan cinder cones, tephra rings, and trachytic lava domes were erupted from short fissures with a NE-SW trend.

The island lies at the northern end of the Jan Mayen Microcontinent. The microcontinent was originally part of the Greenland Plate, but now forms part of the Eurasian Plate.

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