Photo: Ministerio Coordinador Seguridad Ecuador via Flickr

Located in the Eastern Cordillera, 35 km northeast of Latacunga and 45 kilometers southeast of Quito. Since April this year there have been reports of strange sulforous odors, evidencing a hightened output of SO2. There was a large increase in earthquakes (including harmonic tremors) and IGPEN reported slight deformation of the edifice, suggesting an intrusion of magma under the volcano. On 13 August, seismic activity increased considerably and from the early hours of the 14th through the day 6 ashy phreatic explosions had taken place, the first and biggest with an ash plume of 12 km.

The Eruption of Cotopaxi, which began on 13/14 Aug. 2015, is going on with moderate strength, and everybody is hoping that it will stay so and end soon. Interest in the developments is huge, and as more places to watch daily appear I have decided to collect them in this page.

The notes of seconds/minutes above an image show the approx. auto-refresh time. - If you click on the sun button on top of a webcam a clear weather image from that webcam will pop up to help you picture the lay of the land when the mountain is shrouded in dark clouds for days or weeks!

Read more about Cotopaxi at the Volcano Hotspot blog.

Local time is for Ecuador

COTOPAXI 7   O-Img      O-Web  


COTOPAXI 8     O-Web      5 min.    O-IMG    

La Merced camera - Switched OFF at night!

COTOPAXI 3   O-Img      O-Web  

This camera stays on overnight but is somestimes turned to different positions.

COTOPAXI 1 - O-Web    O-IMG    5 min.    

Cámara Sincholagua.

I apologize for annoying you with those eye-sores of ever looping animations. IGEPN does not provide access to the latest single images. If only they would go slower! - Also, for some unexplicable reason, most cameras are stopped before 7 p.m. local time every day, till next morning, but keep showing the last images. Very confusing! If any incandescence or lava from the volcano would be visible at night - we are not allowed to see it? :(

COTOPAXI 2 - O-Web    O-IMG    5 min.    

View from Lasso.

COTOPAXI 4 - O-Web    O-IMG    5 min.    

Bocatoma. Watching the river for lahars. - Switched OFF at night!

COTOPAXI 5 - O-Web    O-IMG    5 min.    

Barranca Alta (volcano)

COTOPAXI 6 - O-Web    O-IMG    5 min.    

Haz. Callo Donoso, Mulaló SW of Cotopaxy. Watching the valley for lahars/PFs.

Copyright for all images belongs to the respective owners of the webcams. Compiled by me, Petra, Enjoy!